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Risk Free Bitcoin Investment Program - Multiply Bitcoins Online. We pride ourselves in delivering a technology that you won't find anywhere else. We are enabling "smaller" investors to finally get involved in the Bitcoin markets and have real success.

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We trade your coins for you. They stay on your own exchange accounts. You never give us your passwords. We remote control trade for you 24h a day no matter where on earth you are.

Our relationships in Wall Street, DC, Silicon Valley, Yeouido Korean Legislators, and other key sectors give us a unique ability to make smart trades for you. New laws, hacks, regulations, fake news, PR attacks from banks, and a myriad of other factors impact the value of your holdings. Our mission is to gather valuable data and make the trades that drive you profits.

At this point, you'll have a list of questions. Keep scrolling down. We will answer most of them here. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are your results?

During the bear market, we protect our clients' funds and stay ready to catch the bottom. We far outperform holding and most other actively traded fund management firms.

Ever Wonder How Much More Profit The Best Traders Make?

The best traders make about 40% to 500% more than people who just hold. If you're better than the best, you can do better. We do better. Our clients and private analysis subscription members tell us we're the best in the business. We make it a policy not to argue with our clients.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are volatile. When Bitcoin was $20,000 it lost half its value in 5 days. We sold our clients’ bitcoin at $18,000 and just held USDT in their own exchanges.

In the 5 months before that, Bitcoin went from $1,800 to $20,000 for over 11X ROI. While we didn’t buy that dip at $1,800, when we saw that Bitcoin was relentlessly bullish at $3,000, we urged our clients to buy more now. They stayed in the market until $18,000 with us.

When everybody was bullish because CBOE and CME announced launching Bitcoin futures, we knew futures would put massive downward pressure on all of crypto so we exited at $18,000.

When everybody was falsely accusing Tether USDT of being a scam, we stayed in the market to make profit for our clients.

What you get by becoming a client is insightful, executive crypto-money management. You get 24h customer support. You get full explanations of what we are doing and why.

We can remote control trade for you 24h a day within your own exchange accounts. We do not need your username or password. All high end exchanges issue what’s called an API. APIs allow for remote control trading while blocking all withdrawals.

We have a Grand Cayman Islands based hedge fund. Once you establish a client relationship with us, you can make direct deposits into that fund for long term management. The main reason our long term clients choose to deposit funds in our Grand Cayman hedge fund account is because we offer lower commissions rates for longer term deposits.

The crypto market is brand new. Wall street traders have sophisticated software and bots they can buy off the shelf. We develop our own software to automate and manage your funds. So we can buy, sell, analyse, and manage your portfolio much more efficiently than you may be able to.

The trading is physically done by using an API programming language key that your exchange provides for remote control trading. You can find this key in your profile page under settings. Using this API key, our custom developed software and bots, analysis by our 19+ crypto analysts and advisors, and our sleepless experience, we remote control trade for you 24h a day.

We have offices in NYC, London, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. Our analysts and advisors are all over world. You know most of them. They are some of the most influential people in Social Media including Twitter and Youtube. We work and communicate 24h a day with each of them. Our main office is in Yeouido, Seoul, Korea. Yeouido is a tiny little island in the middle of massive Seoul. This island is the financial district of Seoul. It’s Asia’s Wall Street. Seoul has 9.87 million people. New York City has 8.5 million people. Long time clients and investors are welcome to visit any time.
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  • We stayed away from ripple this year. So we didn’t make any 200% profits like last year. Actually, last year we made 380% profit.
    This year, we only traded Bitcoin, stellar, and a few alts like BNB. BNB only made us 11% profit.
    Here’s what Bitcoin and stellar did.

  • Bitcoin looks bearish. So we take what we can and go to cash

  • Crypto requires patience and strategy. It also requires iron clad vision.
    Most people would have sold at a 20% loss.
    This is why you hire

  • After we bought Theta, it kept dropping for 3, almost 4 days. Then it exploded. That’s when we sold.
    Most people can’t handle the heat of losing 22% in 3 days. But we knew Theta would perform strong and deliver a meaty ROI so we held until the pump. And we got rewarded with a 25% profit for our 3 day hold.
    This is why the wealthy hire

    We must have gotten lucky 6 times in a row.
    A few days after we bought THETA for our clients, it got listed in Bithumb.

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Dash Neo etc are all volatile. We manage that volatility by buying and selling for you 24h a day.

We trade Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, Poloniex, and a few others. But at this point, we advise our clients to trade on higher volume exchanges like Binance and Huobi.

You may have reasons for trading on other exchanges. We can talk about that.

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